American College of Traditional Midwives preserves the vocational art of birth care.

Vision... To uphold birth freedom and preserve the vocational art of Traditional Midwifery.

The American College of Traditional Midwives serves birthing women by preserving freedom of birth choice, and the care of Traditional Midwifery as the community called vocation which it has been throughout history.

The ACTM stands for freedom of birth and the return of birth rights to the trust and sanctity of the family. We advocate for a woman's right to birth, and do not support state or national regulation of midwifery. Legal control of midwifery and childbirth encroaches upon freedom of choice for women in the United States and around the world.

ACTM's Mission

Homebirth To restore birth to the trust of women.

Midwife To support a woman's choice to birth in home or hospital; assisted or unassisted.

Midwives College To support a woman's right to self-determination and birth choices.

Traditional Midwives To preserve traditional midwifery education and practice as a vocational art, not a medical science.

Natural Birth To preserve the term "Midwife" from being defined, legislated and regulated as a medical title and/or medical occupation.

Rights of women To decriminalize birth and define it as a normal body function.

Hospital birth To decriminalize the home as a non-medical place for birth.

Traditional MidwifeTo promote public education about birth as a normal, non-medical body function.

Vocational Art of Midwifery To provide safe and natural birth resources and build a responsible birthing freedom network.

Midwifery care To respect birth and the women who bear it.

Preserving the Art of
Traditional Midwifery Care


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